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French manufacturer of decorative products for gardens, terraces, balconies and homes.


Our extensive know-how in the transformation of metal and wood enables us to offer a wide range of high-quality end products.

The company Louis Moulin dates back to 1963 when it was founded by Mr and Mrs Moulin.

Louis Moulin joined the CQFD group in 2017 and now benefits from :
- a relevant industrial structure with 3 production sites
- improved innovation capacities
- a gateway to Europe
- the membership to a strong and independant financial group

A total of 15 employees work in the different departments :

Production :
The raw material (flat, round tubes, round rods in steel) is debited, formed and assembled (weld). The raw products are then stored to receive an additional surface treatment.

Surface treatment :
The use of Expoxy powder since over 20 years ensures that the process towards the final products is guaranteed without harmful discharges for the people or for the environment.

The products that do not require to be assembled are packaged just after they are out of the baking oven. All other products are sent to a special unit where they are assembled and packaged by disabled workers.

Logistics department :
A logistics building is dedicated to the storage of all finished products and to the preparation of the orders. Deliveries are guaranteed on a daily basis within 5 days (France).

Administrative and commercial services :
Includes our sales, accounting and communication departments. Powerful software tools combined with a structured organization are our keys to answer all requests quickly and with all the awaited information.


To secure the future of the family company, we truly believe in values such as :

The promotion of the «Made in France»

The integration of disabled people through employment :
Most of our products are processed by disabled workers (mainly assembly and packaging).





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Tél : 04 72 24 31 79