The company


LOUIS MOULIN, founded in 1963 by the Moulin family, designs and manufactures decoration and landscaping products for garden and home.  


Thanks to its expertise of the metalworking, LOUIS MOULIN offers quality and innovative products. Thanks to frequent investments in machinery and to its membership of the CQFD group, LOUIS MOULIN is constantly improving and reinventing itself.


In the context of the merger with CQFD, a gathering of our logistics and production sites at the headquarters of CQFD, our parent company is planned for  2022. 


In order to innovate and to be able to offer more products to our customers, an investment in a new paint supply chain is planned for 2022.







Our production is carried out in our workshop, in France, according to processes and with an «iron knowledge» that have made the company successful.

The raw material (flat iron, round iron, tube) is cut, shaped and assembled by welding. The raw products are then coated with epoxy powder application, in a process that is

toxic free for the environment and humans. Products that don’t require to be assembled are packaged immediately after the baking oven.







Our commitments









> French production

Since the creation of the company in 1963, we have been defending and protecting our production in our factory located in France, near Lyon. 

The majority of our supplies are national in order to limit CO2 emissions. 


> Use of noble and resistant materials 

Wood and steel are quality materials that allow us to obtain a more resistant product and therefore a longer life span. Moreover, steel is a 100% recyclable material!

Our epoxy powder for coating our steel products is toxic free for the environment and humans

In addition, our supplies are 100% French for wood and European for metal.


> Recycling of our waste

In order to limit the impact of our production, we recycle a maximum of our waste. Once sprayed on the raw products, our epoxy powder is recovered to be reused; as for the non-reusable particles, they are vacuumed and recovered by a recycling company. Waste water, wood and metal scraps are also recovered by a recycling company, who reused it to create new objects.  


> Participation in « Eco-mobilier»

As a manufacturer, we have to pay a tax to « Eco-Mobilier » organism. This tax allows to finance the development of solutions for the collection and recovery of used furniture, by offering them a second life, by recycling them or by using them as a source of energy. 

Our unique identifier: FR021406_10TBWO




> Integration of disabled workers

Most of our products are assembled and packaged by two ESAT (organism who facilitates employment to disabled workers) located near our workshop. 

> Training of students in work-linked training

We encourage the integration of young people into labour market by training students. 




> French production

By keeping our production in France, we promote local employment and contribute to boost labour market in our area. 


Our CSR policy

At Louis Moulin, we are committed to offering you quality products, made from noble materials (metal and wood) and with a long life span. We are happy to offer you products that are planet friendly and manufactured in working conditions that respect people.







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