• Manufacturing of Louis Moulin products

    Where are Louis Moulin products made?

    Since the creation of the company in 1963, we defend and protect our production in our factory located in France, near Lyon. All LOUIS MOULIN products are made there, except for our Obelisks, which are made in Europe.

    How are made Louis Moulin products ?

    Once received, the raw material (flat iron, round iron and tube) is cut, shaped and assembled by welding. The raw products are then coated with epoxy powder in a process that is toxic free for humans or the environment.

    Are Louis Moulin products made from recyclable materials?

    Yes, our products are made from noble and quality materials: wood and steel. In addition to being very resistant, steel is a 100% recyclable material. As for wood, it can be recycled up to 3 times. These materials are resistant and allow a longer life of the product.

    Where are the raw materials purchased?

    Our supplies are 100% French for wood, and European for steel.

    How does Louis Moulin manage its waste?

    In order to limit the impact of our production, we recycle a maximum of our waste. Once sprayed on the raw products, our epoxy powder is recovered to be reused; as for the non-reusable particles, they are vacuumed and recovered by a recycling company. Waste water, wood and metal scraps are also recovered by a recycling company, who reused it to create new objects. 

  • Assembly and installation of Louis Moulin products

    How do I assemble my Louis Moulin arch?

    All Louis Moulin archs can be assembled by simply fitting tubes together with the help of our assembly instructions (which are included in the box of the arch and which you can also find on our website). We strongly recommend to be two people for a quick and safe assembly.

    For the assembly of our arch « Cordage » reference 5046, we provide you a video that you can discover by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfe_GT1xaag

    You lost the instructions? You can find all the instructions in the "Documentation" section or in each product page.

    How to assemble my Louis Moulin umbrella’s support planter ?

    Follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide: https://www.louismoulin.com/ressources/notices


    How to fix my Louis Moulin wall-mounted trellis?

    We have created a kit of fixing accessories (reference 3701) specially designed to fix your wall trellises. With a form of a bracket, they allow the wall to be offset to facilitate the growth of the plant.

    How to install my Louis Moulin weather vane?

    We propose two types of fixing: a bracket for fixing to the facade or a pole for fixing on the ground. In both cases, the screws and bolts are supplied to guarantee a simple and quick fixing.

  • Order - After-sales service

    I have bought a Louis Moulin product but I am missing a part (screw, bracket...): what should I do?

    You can contact the shop where you made your purchase who will send us your request. You will receive your package directly at home.